Pylon inspection

Save time and money with drones!


Inspect hard-to-reach locations!

Construction site

Register the progress of your construction project in a beautiful time lapse!

DronePoint – Inspection and Artificial Intelligence 

The solution for the inspection of objects, infrastructures, locations and analysing data in AI

Drone inspection

Inspect objects in an efficient manner?

By the use of drones with the appropriate cameras or measuring equipment and our software we will help you to improve your inspection progress.

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Case studies

A selection of just some inspiring stories.

Hear from companies like yours about their challenges, and what’s made them successful.

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Inspection of inaccessible locations

With the drone it is possible to map hard-to-reach locations from the air.

Process integration via intelligent software

By using XML messages we can establish a link with the enforcement process in the air.

Photos with GPS coordinates and point of view.

All recordings made by the drone are automatically provided with GPS coordinates, also known as geo-tagging.

Live viewing during the inspection

If desired, enforcer, licensing authority or inspector can join us in the service bus and view the footage and suggest adjustments.

Timely detection of defects

The drone-acquired footage will be processed into digital elevation models by using special software. By comparing the elevation models it’s possible to detect any defects.

Cameras & sensors

Our drones can be equipped with several types of cameras; DSRL, thermal or multispectral cameras. We also offer sensors that register air and water quality.

Action plan


1. Formulating the plan

In this step we will formulate an action plan together and inform all those involved.

  • Formulating the inspection plan & risk analysis
  • Permit application
  • Requesting permission of the land owner
  • TUG application & submitting NOTAM
  • Inform the municipality & I&LT

2. Executing inspections

In this step we execute the inspections.

  • Live viewing from the ground
  • Possibility to adjust during the inspection

3. Processing the data

In this step we will process the gathered data.

  • Processing and geo-coding the footage
  • Making the footage available

4. Final result

In this step the final result will be available on your website or portal.

  • Presented on your website or portal
  • Back office software installed

Save time and money by using drones

An efficient inspection or presenting your business, event of golf course in a unique way.?
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