There’s a new way to inspect critical assets

Traditional enterprise asset management software is not designed for the new area of visual digital inspections.


AssetView helps you to transform visual data into asset intelligence


Easily store and structure large volumes of data. Images, thermal, 3D, and more


Discover the perks of digital inspections with powerful tools for analysis.


Create detailed and beautiful looking reports with the click of a button.


More than just secure data storage

Use AssetView to better structure your data and unlock its true potential. Bring your data alive by leveraging metadata, and use blueprints to structure data in a way that makes sense. 

The power and efficiency of digital 

AssetView comes with powerful analysis tools to review data and perform digital inspections from behind the desk – wherever and whenever. 

Knowledge management at its finest

AssetView brings the right information and the right people together in one secure environment. Build a historical data base, involve stakeholders and keep control with rules and permissions.  

Next Generation

Asset Intelligence 


The rapid rise of drone technologies has revolutionised the way in which we can collect, manage, and analyse visual data. We built assetviewer to create value from large volumes of visual data.

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