A new approach to maintenance of road infrastructure & traffic management

Drones are a fast, cost-efficient and risk-free solution to maintain an up-to-date digital database that can be used for more dynamic and strategic planning. strategic planning.

With traffic volumes increasing every year, ensuring road network performance and minimising environmental consequences of road traffic is not an easy task. It demands for regular surveys of road infrastructure and keeping an up-to-date data base. But the traditional surveying methods are often costly, time-consuming and risky for the workers involved. We support companies in traffic and road infrastructure management to balance these costs, risks and overall performance with regular insights from above.

The data you need. On demand.

Stop relying on troublesome ground-based surveys and outdated aerial maps. From a safe enough distance, drones can quickly gather all the data you need, on demand and in real-time. The versatility of drones allows for quick deployment and easy navigation around bridges, viaduct, tunnels and other challenging areas. Having swift access to up-to-date information enables more efficient planning of repair and maintenance of road infrastructure.

Measure & Analyse

With an eye in the sky it is possible to measure and analyse pretty much anything that is going without disrupting traffic. It can also deliver insights that may go unnoticed on ground-level. Measure the condition of infrastructure, on-site progress, traffic flows, congestion hot spots, (long-term) car parking behaviours, anything. Analyse the data to detail wear and tear, materials and contractor estimates, and to improve traffic flows, road safety or travel behaviours.

Safety & Efficiency

With the combination of drones and software, organisations can transition to smart asset management. As opposed to the traditional way of doing things, drones are faster and more cost-efficient. And detailed, high-resolution areal overviews can be used as input without experts having to leave the office. his means that asset managers can survey, inspect and manage assets more often: reducing risk to safety with less boots on the ground and field time.

Software & AI

Bring the right information and the right people together in one central place with our cloud-based software platform: asset-viewer. With everyone using the same visual information, it is much easier to estimate and coordinate the work to be done. And with the help of artificial intelligence, anomalies are detected more efficiently and free of human error. We also work together with our partner HAL24K for some of the most advanced AI and predictive intelligence available

Technologies suitable for road management


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors use light energy to scan the surface and measure variable distances. It can detect the tiniest objects that are otherwise invisible for the naked eye. This allows for accurate digital terrain models road infrastructure surrounded with trees and vegetation. LiDAR is also suitable to accurately map environments with little to no light, such as underground tunnels.


Areal photogrammetry is ideal to create an interactive project site view including high-quality images, videos, 2D orthomosiacs, and 3D models to see in much greater detail.

The Next Step

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